Are you concerned about a Heart Attack ?


40% of those having a first time heart attack don't survive

They thought they could worry about it another day. Oops.



For the other 60% that do survive, their life style and quality of life will be reduced because a heart attack means a portion of your heart muscle has died and can never be repaired.



Men 50 to 60 and Women 60 to 70 are at serious RISK.


If you suffer blocked and clogged arteries from 10% to 100%, then you have a 98% chance of regaining your health in only few short weeks. For those that suffer with Angina and use Nitro, often within days those symptoms will disappear.


Cardio-Care offers a guaranteed plan and the most effective solution to clean clogged arteries without surgery you can expect to see significant improvements within 1 to 4 weeks. Significant improvement means clean arteries and a healthier new you.


Cardio-Cares new and improved super concentrate formula with amino acids is based on the lifetime research of Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner.


Safe, Fast and Easy


Cardio-Care Cleans Clogged Arteries and Vital Organs to give you the best protection, prevention and health assurance you can buy.


When your Doctor tells you


You have high blood pressure and your cholesterol is not good, and you will need extended drug treatment.  He knows the pills he prescribes won't cure or help you very much, he also knows you will eventually get worse, resulting in a heart attack. Then if you are lucky enough to survive the heart attack you will need an Angioplasty or Bypass surgery, both of which are expensive and totally unnecessary.  Most medical insurance is co-pay and far from free you will end up owing thousands for surgery.


Effective Artery Cleaning 


Cardio-Care is safer than aspirin. If you know you have plaque clogging arteries, anywhere from 10% to 100%, Cardio-Care will dissolve that plaque and unleash the flow of blood that will reinvigorate every organ in your body.  If your not sure then consider these things, You have artery blockage if you sleep poorly and don't feel rested when you wake, loss of energy and run out of steam easy, need an afternoon or evening nap, tightness or pain in the arms and chest, your blood pressure is higher than 130, then you need Cardio-Care.


You Don't Need


Stress Test




Bypass Surgery


Needles or Surgery


 Expect to get a lot for your money 


Repeated comments from Medical Doctors, Naturopaths and  Chelation Doctors after using Cardio-Care for themselves Quote:  "I was surprised how fast it worked, pain was gone in a few days and within a few weeks I felt 20 years younger with more energy than ever." Many Doctors know the effectiveness of Cardio-Care but won't offer it to their patients because they fear American Medical Association censorship.



Danger of Calcium


Calcium is a metal and when there is too much in the body it causes a wide range of life threatening diseases. Calcium when digested and in the blood must be controlled by Metalo-enzymes. When your body lacks these enzymes then diseases caused by calcium will result. Calcium is responsible for many human diseases. Some of these disease are: Congestive heart, carotid artery disease, PAD, osteoporosis, gallstones, kidney stones, prostate disease, diabetes, arthritis, ALS, MS, Crones, bone spurs, memory, vision and hearing loss and other diseases.  With age our bodies produce less of these important control enzymes and that is why diseases affects us more as we age.



Doctor say You need calcium?

That's Absolutely Not true!


Very few Doctors understand that digestion breaks food down to basic elements and in the blood those elements are controlled by enzymes to do specific functions like bone building. Enzymes control where and how calcium is used, besides bones, calcium is in your muscles and nerves and all your vital organs. And just like you, everything you eat and drink has lots of calcium in it. Lack of enzymes means, no calcium control and that results in health problems.  


For over 60 years IV chelation therapy has been an effective non surgical solution to clean arteries and reverse heart disease. It has been estimated that over 25 million chelation treatments have been provided without dangerous side affects. Many Doctors say "chelation therapy won't work," first they are protecting their livelihood as heart disease is very profitable for them. And it's well known that most oral chelators with EDTA break down in the stomach and therefore intravenous chelation has been considered the best method to remove toxic metals. 



When all else fails, don't give up hope.


There are many methods and products used for chelation therapy unfortunately few offer real tangible results and most barely work at all.  The most well known is Intravenous chelation and that can cost thousands of dollars and take many months sometimes over a year to produce results. IV Chelation requires repeated office visits sitting for hours with a painful needle in your arm waiting for an IV bag to empty.  You should never have to suffer that type of treatment again. Customer experience has shown Cardio-Care to be 20 times more effective and faster acting than intravenous chelation.   



Easy home treatment  


Cardio-Care uses a proprietary blend of Amino Acids that your body recognizes and welcomes. As a liquid oral chelation blend Cardio-Care is more effective because it is absorbed without being broken down by stomach acids like most other chelators. You will see improvements in a few days and a new you in a few weeks.  


Cardio-Care is very effective in removing mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. EDTA is in our product but there are 52 varieties of EDTA and most are already bound to a metal and provide poor results, ours is not. In addition all EDTA except for the type we use are damaged or destroyed by stomach acid.  Several IV Chelation Doctors have used our product and have said it is 20 times more effective than their IV Chelation. For Good health follow only our directions.  


Arterial Fibulation can be a thing of the past.  Cardio-Care can clean and removes plaque where surgery cannot, it penetrates too the smallest arteriole and capillary to flush, clean, and restore blood flow allowing vital oxygen to the heart and all other vital organs. Cardio-Care dissolves plaque at the molecular level it will not break off big chunks of plaque and cause further blockage.


When you purchase a product on the internet you hope for the best knowing the chance of receiving a phenomenal product is slim. Your purchase of Cardio-Care products will prove to be one of the wisest decision you make in your lifetime.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Other health improvements you can expect are:  Vision, Hearing, Energy, Stamina, Memory. In general you will feel 20 to 30 years younger and you won't need your Doctor to tell you about it.



We have a great product and we want to prove it to you.





32 day cleaning program will bring back your lost health! You can buy pills and look alike products at super cheap prices but you will not get the relief and health improvements that are needed. The failure of most chelation products is they are so slow acting they are unable to dissolve plaque as fast as the plaque can form.





additional  product for an extended one year maintenance.


The Revitalization Program offers Maximum Protection: during the first year, and should your symptoms return, we have included additional product at no cost to further restore your cardiovascular health.


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